This service includes all the cleaning works necessary for keeping, protecting and maintaining the facilities. After assessing the specific needs of every customer, our specialists at EULEN Cleaning Services design, implement and execute a customized service, thereby ensuring an ideal level of cleaning and hygiene.

The training we provide to the staff in charge of the cleaning works, the machinery and materials we use and the environmental management systems we apply to minimize the ecological impact place us at the top of a sector where we have always led the way.

We provide services for every industrial need. We cover all sectors, including the automotive and nuclear sectors. All our activities have been tailored to suit our customers needs; our experience allows us to provide quality services under strict security measures and demanding training programs for our employees.

Our purpose is to reach cleaning levels that guarantee the normal development of the productive process as well as the safety of facilities and the people who work in them.

Our services, within the areas of Radiological and Environmental Protection, are provided under strict compliance with the applicable rules, with special concern for the employees, the population and the environment.

Aware of its importance and of the ends we seek, our staff is specially trained to perform each and every one of his/her duties with the utmost seriousness and effectiveness, following the highest standards of quality and environmental friendliness.