For more than 30 years, EULEN Environment has carried out activities related to gardening and landscape gardening. The ornamental value of green spaces depends on their maintenance, the species selected and the quality of their implementation. Our team specializes in urban gardening and is in charge of maintaining public and private parks, natural grass sports fields, historical and peculiar gardens, furniture and irrigation networks.

We also carry out establishment services that, through the preparation of
studies and projects, lead to the creation of public, private and sport green spaces,
the environmental and landscape recovery of degraded areas, the installation of irrigation and drainage systems or the management, sealing and shutdown of landfills.


At EULEN Environment, we use our experience in gardening and landscape gardening to provide solutions to customers that need to outsource the complex works that private gardens or natural or artificial grass sports fields entail. Our comprehensive project management approach takes in from the previous analysis of the space or facilities characteristics to the design, development, execution and maintenance of green spaces.

In order to provide a quality service, we rely on a highly qualified team, cutting edge technology and a firm commitment to ecology.


The contribution of EULEN in the creation of new green areas, as well as the quality of the maintenance thereof according to the corresponding sustainability criteria, has gained the acknowledgment of customers and users at a national level and the support of the most important certifying bodies in the prevention of occupational risks field.

More than 30 years’ experience, a staff formed by more than 1,000 employees specialized in environmental activities and our commitment with the environment renders us nature specialists. Making ecology a basic principle is our purpose and we therefore provide companies and public entities with the best human and technical resources to protect our environment.