Facility Management


EULEN is an experienced leader in the surveillance field and a well-established nationwide (with branches in every county seat) and worldwide company that provides friendly quality and individually tailored services.

At EULEN Surveillance, we understand surveillance as an activity aimed to help our customers to develop their activities in a calm and peaceful atmosphere without interfering in the production processes beyond what is absolutely necessary.


In EULEN, we take care of the design, implementation, monitoring and supervision of the services required by any company, all this under unique management and dialog skills. The outsourcing of secondary business areas allow to direct internal resources towards the activities of the company, thereby increasing its value. Experience, technology, innovative capacity and team qualification are the keys of this process.

The object is to develop these services through their integration in any field: industrial, education and science, tourism, health, transportation… The team in charge of implementing and developing the services will have an overall picture of the installation, optimizing both the cost and the quality result of the ser¬vice. To this end, EULEN has a Facility Services Management System (SGFS) that controls quality and costs through levels of service (SLA’s) and their associate indicators (KPI’s), which are the rulers of our services.