EULEN Security since its inception almost 40 years ago, has continuously worked and innovated to protect the assets of companies, adapting to the new requirements that have emerged, and for such purpose it has opted for a comprehensive view of security in order to provide the best possible protection to all assets, both tangible and intangible, which form part of the companies’ assets. To such end, we work to deliver solutions that effectively meet business risk and help ensure continuity of business operations. We understand safety as another business process and the management model we apply is integrated within a constant improvement cycle.

Our model is reliable, sound and law-abiding.

We are more than an authoritative voice in the security field: we are the doyen of the Private Security field in Spain. Our experience and response capacity together with our special concept of “integration” allows us to provide consultancy services that go far beyond from what is considered as usual within our sector.

At EULEN Security we plan and advise on the analysis of specific needs; we also design and implement the security plans, processes and activities that are required by companies that wish to guarantee the continuity of their operations while we protect people and tangible goods.

EULEN is an experienced leader in the surveillance field and a well-established nationwide (with branches in every county seat) and worldwide company that provides friendly quality and individually tailored services.

At EULEN Surveillance, we understand surveillance as an activity aimed to help our customers to develop their activities in a calm and peaceful atmosphere without interfering in the production processes beyond what is absolutely necessary.